Windy mountain days

Linda’s work on this is awesome!

Musings From The Studio

My home town, Canmore (Alberta) is nestled in the mountains. We have a lot of glorious peaks around to take our breath away.

One remarkable peak in Canmore is called Ha Ling Peak. It’s a popular hiking destination, and the views of Canmore from the peak are spectacular. This peak also looks pretty awesome from below.

Ha Ling PeakHa Ling is the peak at the northwestern end of the Lawrence Grassi range (it’s the bump on the right in this photo). You can read more about how it got its name here.

Often, if bad weather comes to town, it comes in over top of this range. Even on a nice day, the wind pushes the clouds up over the peak in a wonderful display that I just had to catch in my linocut artwork.

It all starts with a sketch on tracing paper using a heavy graphite pencil (4B-6B). I lay…

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