April 15th, 2016 – Avian Friday: Giveth or Taketh Away?

It’s that time of the year again and I hope all of you survived Tax Day and got your returns finished. I filed just yesterday and was pleasantly surprised and relieved that we don’t owe the IRS. 🙂 Maybe one of these years I’ll get mine done earlier to avoid the anxiety. It’s also almost time of the year for Bald Eagle season here in the Pacific Northwest. Next month I’ll be making at least a couple of trips over to town of Seabeck on Hood Canal to capture a few images like this one.

Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus Leptocephalus )

Seabeck, Washington

Canon 1DX, EF 500/4L IS USM + EF 1.4X Rear Extender/Hand-held

700mm | 1/8000th Sec. @f/5.6| ISO 1000

Processed with Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC, Nik ColorEfx.
To see a larger version please click on the image.

Feel free to comment below if you like what you see or have any other observations.

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2 thoughts on “April 15th, 2016 – Avian Friday: Giveth or Taketh Away?

  1. The flight of this amazing bird really matches the intensity of its eyes, here! Nice image. Out of curiosity, do you get something small but specific out of Nik software that you don’t get from Lightroom and Photoshop? I don’t wish to burden you with a long explanation, I use these programs, too (Nik software just occasionally and it’s usually always for the b/w program).

    • Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the image. Yeah, I use the Define module for noise reduction selectively with the control points. Viveza only occasionally and ColorEfex I usually combine a couple filters with and HDR Efex rarely. The great thing about those tools is the ability to selectively apply to just portions of the image, plus now the suite is free which yo can’t beat.

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