August 7th, 2015 – Avian Friday: Low Rider

With the wide array of different species of ducks we have here in the Pacific Northwest, I really should spend more time capturing images of more of  them.  Especially during the winter months when other birds have migrated south for warmer weather. One of the main techniques I try to always use when photographing ducks or shorebirds is to get a low as possible angle to the surface of the water. This makes for a much more intimate perspective of the subject. Sometimes it may mean going as far as getting all the way down on my stomach to gain a few more inches.  The ultimate perspective would be to actually be in the water with a pair of waders on with the camera & kens  set up on a tripod. One of these days I’ll have to give that shot.

American Widgeon (Anas americana)

Seattle, Washington ;
1000mm | 1/320th Sec. @f/9 | ISO 1250 | Monopod

Canon 1D MkIII+ Canon EF 500/4L IS USM vI + EF 2X Rear Adapter

Processed using LR4/CS6/ Nik Suite .

To see a larger version please click on the image.

Feel free to comment below if you like what you see or have any other observations.

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