August 16th, 2011 – Bring the Hammer Down

Today’s image is from my archives, one that I hadn’t intended to post because I wasn’t quite satisfied with the composition. There was a construction fence that limited the view I was able to shoot from. I had originally cropped out the concrete plinth the machine was resting on, which in seeing it now would have been a mistake  as it is an important part of the context. Sometimes it seems best to let some images sit a while before processing them.

View of  a Demolition Hammer at a GSA construction project near the Duwamish River.  Seattle, Washington

Pentax K-7, SMC DA 14mm/f2.8,  f/9, ISO 100, Aperture Priority  Mode.   Hand-held. 3 Exposure HDR.  Post processing – Lightroom 3, Photomatix 4, Photoshop CS5. Topaz Adjust.

To see a larger versions  please click on the image.
Feel free to comment below if you like what you see or have any other observations.
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