August 6th, 2011 – Blue Angels

It’s Seafair time in Seattle again and the Blue Angels are back in town for their annual acrobatic air display. I had a chance to grab some images of them on Thursday when we had a great weather day here in the Pacific Northwest.

View of  The US Navy Blue Angels.  Seattle, Washington

Canon 1D, Mark III,  Canon EF-500/f4 IS , 500mm,  f/5, 1/8000th Sec, ISO 640, Hand-held. Single exposure HDR,  Post processing -Photomatix 4, Lightroom 3, Photoshop CS5.

To see a larger version  please click on the image.

Feel free to comment below if you like what you see or have any other observations.

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3 thoughts on “August 6th, 2011 – Blue Angels

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