Hope for 2011 And A Glance Back at 2010

Following suit of some of my other Twitter friends, I feel compelled to close out the year with a summary blog post. It has been a crazy year filled with changes, challenges and new opportunities.  Photographically, its been my busiest year yet. I’m grateful for all the wonderful people I have met through social media. Thanks for all the support and encouragement you all have provided along with your quality work that has provided the inspiration to help me grow as a photographer. At the beginning of the year the one goal that I had was to branch out from bird photography to include landscapes. Then in April I started seeing examples of HDR imagery on the Web and attended a workshop here in Seattle by Ric Sammon. Soon afterward I discovered some of the great folks posting on Twitter like Brian MatiashFotofreq, Mike Olbinski, Bob Lussier and Jacob Lucas. Seeing some of the awesome image from these guys really sparked my interest in HDR and promted me to jump in head first and see if I could add it to my repitiore. I also had the opportunity to tweet with and learn from some of the other very talented photogs here like Scott Frederick, Mark GarbwoskiDave Wilson, Dave WaresJim Denham, Viveca Koh, Heath O’Fee, Oscar Navarro, Rick Anderson, Anne McKinnell, Pat Obrien , Tom Barnett and Sabrina Henry.  At some point along the way I decided to try to post a daily image on this blog. So far I’ve managed to keep that up for the most part.

Although I haven’t firmed up my goals for 2011 quite yet, there are a couple of areas I’d like to focus on:

1. Expand my photography from enthusiast status to more involvement in  professional activities.

2. Increase collaboration with fellow photographers.

I truly appreciate all the help and inspiration from everyone and am wishing you all nothing but the best to come in 2011. Happy New Year!!

Here is a baker’s dozen of some of my favorite  images from 2010


To see a larger version or please click on the image.

Feel free to  comment below  if  you like what you see or have any other observations.

Thanks for stopping by,



2 thoughts on “Hope for 2011 And A Glance Back at 2010

  1. Jay, I’m glad to have met you on Twitter, I find your images very inspiring and your foray into HDR has been a good one! You had a great year in 2010 and I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful images in 2011.

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