October 24th, 2010 – The Long and Winding Road

Last week while vacationing in Maui, I had a chance to view some very nice scenery.  Much of it though was “drive-by-shooting” while traveling with my wife so I usually didn’t have a whole lot of time to compose many of the images. I came upon this scene while driving along Highway 30 on the “North Shore”. It seemed perfect for an HDR image and I should have  stopped longer to set up the tripod and maybe taken some more brackets with the newer camera body to cover a wider range of stops. Overall though, I ‘m  pleased with how it turned out; it is almost as intriguing as the scene appeared in reality.

View along the North Shore Highway 30 near Honokahau  Bay- West Maui, Hawaii

Canon 5D MkI, Canon  17-40mm/f4L , 21mm @ f11, ISO 50, Aperture Priority mode,  HDR -3 Exposures, Hand-held. Post processing -Lightroom 2.5, Photoshop CS3, Photomatix Pro.
To see a larger version or please click on the image.
Feel free to comment below if you like what you see or have any other observations.
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