September 18th, 2010 – Very Superstitious Is The Way

I got a bit of inspiration to play around with incorporating textures today from seeing a post by Matt Suess.  The technique I found is a lot of fun, so much so that I spent  a good portion of the morning experimenting with it. I’ve always been interested in digital photo illustration and have seen some really cool examples of this type of work by photographers like Trey Ratcliff, Juliane Kost and Peter Talke.  I discovered that while there are quite a few free samples of textures available on the web, it’s best that I go out and shoot my own and build up a personal library of them to get the right size and flavors I’ll be looking for. This shot is from a recent trip to Arizona. I didn’t have much time to spend there for photography, but I managed to make it out to Superstition  Mountain per the recommendation of my twitter pal Mike Olbinski.

View of Superstition Mountains. Apache Junction, Arizona

Pentax K7,  Pentax SMC DA14 /f2.8 ,14 mm,  f/13, ISO 100, HDR -5 Exposures, Handheld.  Post processing -Lightroom 2.5, Photoshop CS3, Photomatix Pro, Topaz Adjust.
To see a larger version or please click on the image.
Feel free to  comment below  if  you like what you see or have any other observations.
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