Great Blue Heron

On my recent trip to Southern California I had a chance to see this young  Great Blue Heron  following its maiden voyage from the nest at Bolsa Chica Wetlands in Huntington Beach. It didn’t waste much time trying to figure out how to gather food. Shortly after landing it proceeded to the water’s edge and began plucking at  nearly everything in its sight.  It appeared to snare mostly only small pieces of wood, but I found it quite intriguing how quickly it  had the instinct to hunt for food. It’s no wonder these bird become such effective predators provided they are able to survive the low mortality rate, which is estimated as low as 20 percent. Hopefully this little guy will still be around by the time I make it back down there.

View of  a  fledgling Great Blue Heron at Bolsa Chica Wildlife Preserve
To see a larger version or please click on the link:
Copyright © 2010 Jay Taylor Photography.
Single RAW image taken using the Canon 1D Mark III dslr set on Aperture-priority  (A)mode with Canon EF 500/4 IS  lens, monopod. The exposure was taken at 500 mm,  f/5, 1/2500 sec, ISO 320 using Center-weighted averaging metering. Post processing done in Lightroom 2.5, Photoshop CS3,   tone-mapping in Photomatix Pro .
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