Body Art & Century Birthday

Ok, its time to start getting serious about this blogging thing. Now that I have our trip from a few months ago documented, maybe I can start entering some more recent stuff.

Besides salmon fishing last weekend, I attended two events on Sunday. The Seattle International Tattoo Convention  and a birthday party for my good friend Michael’s Grandmother who celebrated her 100th year.  I wish I would have more time at the Convention as it was very interesting with a great mix of artists and participants.  It was my first experience at one and gives me a preview of what to look forward to when I have my work done this fall at Vegas and San Jose.  The Canon 40D  was the tool of choice since the MarkII was packed up for sale to be replaced by  the 1D3. I shot primarily with  a few  lenses – Rokkor 58/1.2, Tokina 12-24 and the 135L.

Not sure who this artist is but she’s definitely got it goin on!

This is the legendary Vyvyn Lazonga. She was one of the first renown female tattoo artists. Her shop is right here in Seattle.

This young lady was lucky enough to be having this supberb  back-piece done. Very nice!

Later in the evening Sharon and I attended the birthday party for Grandma Landon  who celebrated 100 years! The party was at her grandson David Landon’s  restaraunt in Federal Way – Pac Island Grill.   If you’re ever in this area an  looking for a good Hawaiian eatery this is the place.  Grandma Landon is a sweet lady who is still quite sharp at 100. She seems like she might live for another 25 years.

Most of her family was in attendance with quite a few great great grandchildren. Her grandson Michael Barry and I were best friends growing up as children. It was great to see him and his wife Jenni again along with many of his cousins that I haven’t seen for quite a while.  The granddaughters performed  a Hula dance and the David put out a huge spread of delicious food for everyone to enjoy. Happy Birthday Grandma!


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